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Stay Home Stay Active during COVID-19 lockdown?


The Coronavirus irruption has affected countless peoples and the majority globe is littered with this Pandemic. the oversimple fraction of the peoples is underneath imprisonment. People are losing their jobs, corporations face money issues, stock markets are falling down and the countries got to payout billions on bailouts and treatment. Whether or not anyone suffered or not, COVID-19 is a pandemic shaking up our psyche, sparking …

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Dengue fever


Locust attack followed by Dangue fever wreaked havoc in Karachi. Almost every 4th or 5th man being declared to be affected by mosquito borne infection. Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne infection that may lead to a severe flu-like illness. Four different viruses spread by Aedes mosquitoes. This time, more than 50000 cases have been reported …

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Chest congestion


Chest Congestion What exactly is Chest Congestion? Chest congestion is supposed to be a general issue and problem, as the symptom or state may be associated with a myriad of other health conditions and diseases. Chest congestion is a reference to a feeling of tightness or pressure and heaviness in the chest. Symptoms of Chest …

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