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3 Key Differences For Shopify VS WordPress SEO

Shopify VS Wordpress

Being in an eCommerce industry demands several answers and solutions. But one question that every new entrepreneur has to face is, ‘which platform should I opt for?’ Choosing a suitable platform for selling out your goods needs a lot of research. With the sheer number of options out there, the decision has never been this easy. And the war between Shopify vs WordPress comes up as a rescue here. If you are also in the same league and want an answer for which is better SEO, WordPress or Shopify then you have stopped by the right place. In this article, we will be helping you with an insightful comparison between Shopify vs WordPress SEO in Los Angeles.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an eCommerce software platform that is hosted. It allows small business owners to build their online stores and sell products online. To be more precise, Shopify lets brands create their own shop without any website background. In case you want to add extra features to your online store, you can check out its different plans available online.

What is WordPress?

WordPress on the other hand is an open-source content management system that was initially designed to create blogs but now inhabits the creation of different sites. It was because of the massive ecosystem by WordPress, including themes and plugins, and few alterations in the core code that WordPress does much more than creating blogs.

Now that we are clear about the basic information, let us proceed to understand the debate between Shopify vs WordPress SEO in Los Angeles. Here are a few key differences that must be considered while choosing one from Shopify and WordPress.


The very first aspect that we would like to mention is Shopify vs WordPress pricing.

Shopify comes with several themes, extensions, and addons. Depending on the plan we choose, we acquire service and have to pay the mentioned cost. So talking about the plans, there are three Shopify plans to choose from – Shopify Basic, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify. Every package has different features and pricing. So whichever package you choose, make sure you check the pricing prior to it. In case you are tight on budget, do not hesitate to purchase annual or biennial packages as they might help you save around 10-20% of the total amount. Also, do not forget to take a 15 days trial so that you can be more sure about the services.

WordPress on the other hand has a different pricing chart. This is because WordPress is separated into two different hosts, and The one with .com has hosting service inbuilt and the other is self-hosted. gives you full control over your created website. This means that you, along with your hosting provider, are directly responsible for a WordPress installation. Whereas has the command in its hand. They take care of everything on their own. Though there are many fetau4eds that you get here, everything depends on the amount that you pay. One thing here that needs your attention is the fact that because is open source and is free for everyone so the only requirement here is a domain name and web hosting. For everything else like backups, security, etc you need to take care of yourself. So if you own a small business that doesn’t want to worry about paying for hosting and other technical aspects then go for but if you have bigger plans like having a project site then you should go for because only that can help you with customizations.

Help and Support

Next is the comparison of customer services for both these giants.

Shopify offers commendable customer service. The support staff is available 24*7 through phone calls, live chats, and support tickets. In case your query isn’t big, you can choose the option of self-service and get your answers from video tutorials and webinars. There are also discussion forums that can look after you when you need support.

In the case of WordPress, the free version has self-guided support and only paid plans with effective support. Only when you pay your monthly fee, you are liable to email support, live chat, and much more. There are no official support channels for but the tutorials and advice are always available online.

SEO features

Now comes the ultimate comparison of WordPress vs Shopify SEO in Los Angeles.

Shopify has amazing SEO functionality. The best part about Shopify SEO features is that you need no technical knowledge to perform any function. You can add or remove anything In fact when you do so, Shopify prompts you with the best SEO practices. Shopify also has many apps and add ons for optimization of your store and increase its ranking.

WordPress focuses on its SEO very sincerely. Ut provides several social sharing tools and performance tools that play a vital role in ranking. But only if you are subscribed to the business plan, you can access and control your site’s SEO. No doubt WordPress is one of the best platforms for SEO options but it does give freedom within every plan.

We hope that these three factors have helped you with the comparison of Shopify vs WordPress SEO Los Angeles. In case you are still cinders, there is no harm in hiring an agency that does all the hassle for you. Think about it!

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