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7 Top Mobile Apps For Brain Development

Brain Development

There has been a vast increase in the apps available  in today’s world of phones, tablets, and other devices. As a result, apps have become more than just a diversion – they have entered in our everyday lives and are evolving as an essential tool for keeping up with our daily tasks, having fun on the go, or keeping yourself entertained when you find yourself with some free time.

Since these apps are available at the touch of a button, it is easy to download one to solve a problem, improve your health or develop new skills such as graphic or UX design or writing skills. One area where you can find many brain training apps is on Google Play or App Store.

Here is a list of 7 top mobile Apps For Brain Development:

1. Elevate – Brain Training & Games

Elevate is an app that combines brain training games with your favorite social features, including leaderboards and messaging, to help you get the most out of your experience. Enhance your cognitive skills as you climb the ranks in weekly competitions against your friends and other players from around the world.

The app contains several gamified brain training exercises designed to challenge your cognitive skills in areas such as language, memory, focus, and problem-solving. The activities are designed by experts who have created the proprietary Elevate algorithm that adapts each exercise to your unique needs for improvement.

2. Luminosity

Lumosity is a popular brain training app that allows you to choose from seven different games aimed at improving attention span, memory recall, and problem-solving abilities. You can track your performance using daily goals or compete with friends through leaderboards.

Lumosity has improved working memory after only one month’s use, though more research is needed before any conclusion can be made on the effectiveness of brain training apps.


3. Brain Workshop

Brain Workshop is a brain training app that wants to make your neurons burn as much as possible. The focus here is on improving memory and cognitive function, with the added incentive of getting better at the games you choose to play, which will increase your IQ. You can also create your challenges or puzzles for others to try.

The app has been found to help improve children’s short-term memory, long-term memory, and reasoning skills, though more research is needed before any conclusion can be made about its effectiveness for adults.

4. Math Workout – Free Training For Your Brain

Math Workout is an app that uses math drills to train your brain for higher-level thinking and problem-solving. The app is split into three levels, beginning with basic math and more advanced concepts. As you complete each level of drills, you will unlock new ones that will require increasingly complex problem-solving.

5. Angry Birds: Brain & Puzzle Game

As the name suggests, this brain training app from Rovio Entertainment Corporation is based on the popular Angry Birds franchise. You can play through different puzzle exercises where your objective is to eliminate all the pigs by launching birds at them with a slingshot. There are 20 unique stages in total.

You can track your progress through a built-in leaderboard and invite friends to play along with you. While engaging in challenging puzzle exercises, you can also unlock new outfits for Angry Birds characters as a bonus. The app has been found to improve short-term memory recall, though more research is needed before any conclusion about its effectiveness for adults.

6. Map My Mind – Memory Challenge Game

Map My Mind is an educational brain training app that focuses on improving memory. You will be presented with a series of images to memorize the location before having them hidden from view. Your goal is to remember each image’s position so that they are all correctly arranged when they are brought into view again.

There are three levels of difficulty, and each exercise is designed for a specific age group. The app has been found to improve short-term memory recall in children aged 4 -7, though more research is needed before any conclusion about the effectiveness of brain training apps for adults.

7. Sushi Go Round – Memory Game

Sushi Go Round is another educational game that focuses on improving memory. You will be shown an image of sushi dishes moving around plates, which you must memorize as they whizz past your eyes after the food disappears. you will only see its shadow, after which you must choose the correct dish by pressing it on screen without making any mistakes.


There are hundreds of different brain training apps available. The seven games mentioned in this article are all free to download and can help you increase your memory, focus, thinking skills, and IQ. However, without ongoing research into the effectiveness of brain training apps for adults, it is difficult to determine which ones are most effective.

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