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How to Write an Article on Travel Niche

Travel Article

Writing a travel article is an important part of spreading your business through the internet. Whether you are a traveller who wants to be heard or a blogger, getting your very own written content gives you recognition. You might be here because you are about to start a blog in which your wandering tales would generate your income as well.

Well, it’s a great idea to start telling your wandering stories through blogging. You never know, you may end up fulfilling your future travel business. So without further ado, let’s get into the tips on how to write a catchy article on the travel niche.

Tips to Write a Travel Article

1. Create a Story

Before starting writing your article, pick up an interesting storyline. For example, if you had a vacation or explore tours in Dubai, you can create a storyline on how you covered the city tour in 6 days. There are tons of examples in which your text could be turned into a narrated story. We call it journaling. Besides, give your article a fresh point of view, where all you need to cover the best and creative subject. Also, make sure to use strong English with the power of emojis and metaphors.

  • Try to Be Personal:

The best travel content is on the personal experience of users, which is much appreciated by Google. Where you can share your own experience to explore worldwide or local tours. Where all you need to identify then get it across to your readers. Your blog must have a personal point of view and sound. Where your goal is to find something new and original.

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  • Try to be Funny:

Your article is mind-blowing if you add some funny punching lines in your story. Do not be afraid to make your audience laugh. Where comedy on commercial events and brown/white people are highly demanded by the audience. So your content could get more engagements.

  • Try to be Surprising:

Along with the comedy, make sure to surprise your readers with every paragraph, so they could enjoy and read your whole article. You can create it by meeting new people and getting involved in unique or strange scenes. 

  • Think Like Your Reader:

You need to make your readability clear and easy, where writing a blog on the topic what your readers are desired to read. In this way, you can easily identify and help your readers or target audience.  Th

2. Get a Purpose

While writing a travel-centric article, remember that it should cover a piece of information. Travelling is an exciting activity itself, so your content would look fabulous if it has a glimpse of humour in it. Also, adding relevant information regarding a specific destination, or travelling hacks and tips is a plus. These strategies are mostly used by many digital marketing agencies.  An informative and humorous read is always admired by the readers.

3. Do Research

A well-researched travel article always stands out from a bunch of reads. There may be some enthusiastic writers reading this information who do not travel often. So how can they be successful travel writers? The answer is obvious. They do the required research before presenting their article to the public. Research counts in every piece of writing an informative article from title decision to keyword selection.

4. Photographs Work Well

Adding colours to your content works as an accelerator in forming great impressions. Readers would find your articles arresting if you add images to them. The image description is a great idea provided that you have a collection of good images during your venture. You can also get images from various platforms where there are no copyright issues. This way, you’ll add vibrancy in a formal-looking text.

5. Reach the Targeted Audience

Connect with people of the same industry. Approaching bloggers, social media influencers and other travel firms allows you pieces of information. This also helps in collecting data for creating interesting and unique content. Many writers also go for guest posting. This way, they introduce their travel articles on various platforms. This strategy would help if you want to gather a targeted audience for your home page.


So these were a few guidelines on how to write a catchy travel article that summarizes your wandering stories. Whatever niche you pick in this broad area, you’d surely find your pace. Because everyone likes traveling.  No matter if your audience travels frequently or not, they might end up liking your articles if you’ve written them after good research. Hope these tips work for you well!

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