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6 Organic Social Media Marketing Tips to Generate Revenue

Marketing Tips

The world is moving at a faster pace, be it a new brand or a well-established brand, everyone is using social media marketing techniques to grow their businesses. Over the years, social media has become one of the most popular platforms to generate leads and increase sales.

You should never underestimate the power of social media because social trends, always create a new hook. There are millions of social media marketing companies near me who are ready to offer you some exciting services, to give your company a leading edge.

You can build a strong brand presence through social media platforms; this will let your business grow organically. With the passage of time, you will improve and master all the social media technique to give your brand a boom in the competitive markets.  In this article we will cover some useful social media tips that you can imply to optimize your marketing strategy.

Strategize your marketing plan

First and foremost, thing to do is to strategize your marketing plan. You need to make sure you are targeting all the popular social media platforms. A plan is always required to move forward, be it Instagram, Facebook or twitter, you first need to know the handling of these platforms and what you can achieve through them. Your strategy will differ across the platforms and you will have to come up with the best one to make your own path of success.

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For start-ups it is better to prioritize the content quality over number of posts. It is believed that undivided attention leads you to better results, which is why, focusing on one platform at one time is the best approach to move forward in the competition.

Be active and consistent

Every social media platform is handled differently. Talking about Instagram and twitter, they both demand regular posts through stories whereas on Facebook you can do it on alternate days.

If you have to get the maximum potential through your social media then you will have to be active multiple times a day. Being active and consistent is the only key to make your brand presence stronger through social media marketing. There is an option of poll and asking questions on the platform, make sure your brand engages with the audience twice or thrice a week. This will not just create high engagement but also let others know how spontaneously your brand answers their queries. Please note, customer service or direct messages plays a key role in elevating your brand’s presence.

While planning your social media marketing plan, you should make a timely chart which will include:

  • Your timings and day to publish on social media platform
  • The type of content you are planning to post
  • The target audience you will target through the platform

Hop on to the social media trends

Every now and then, social media platforms have different types of challenges or trends coming up. The rotation of these trends is actually captivating as almost everyone is curious to know who did it better. To market your brand on social media platforms, it is always great to follow the league, in simple words, follow the latest trends. Don’t forget to depict your brand in the trends because that is your main goal.

Through trending videos, you will be able to reach thousands of audiences in a minute. This will not just make your brand stand out but also let other people know more about your products and services. The key here is to consider the latest social media trends to boost your sales.

Join groups and communities

There are thousands of groups on social media platforms comprising of millions of people. You can always ask for a shout out or maybe the best approach could be to just post about your products and services on the groups. Groups always let you grow stronger as they connect you with hundreds of people through just one post. If your products and services are required by them, then you are definitely reaching the audience. This is all organic marketing. There are ways to do to inorganic social media marketing as well. Some brands opt for seeding and threading, some opt for community reputation management approach. There are numerous ways to make you social media game stronger, which one would you choose is totally your choice.

Hashtags are important

Usage of correct hashtags on the right pictures is always a good option to reach the desired audiences. There is always a trending hashtag option which you can incorporate in your postings. Your taglines should resonate with the hashtags as-well as the graphics too. Make sure you choose some impactful hashtags for your brand.

Videography enhances productivity

Videos play an important role in boosting your brand presence as people on social media platforms love to see every single detail of the brand. If you are uploading a picture of the dress, the audience would love to go in more details, that is, they will expect you to show how the embroidery is done, what type of fabric is used and what are the available color palettes in them. Having a bit realistic approach always heightens the mood of your audiences leading them towards being your potential buyers in the future. Make sure your videography approach is conducted smarty and leaves a positive impact on your leads.


Social media is constantly changing and we are able to see the latest updates and trends coming in every six months. You have trillions of ways to boost your sales through social media marketing, the emergence of new ideas is always giving you more room to strategize your marketing plans. With the emergence of new ideas, the competition is also getting tougher. Make sure you have the right approach and a smart plan. All the best!

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