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How to write a custom essay if you do not have enough skills

custom eassy

Are you going to pass an exam, where one of the stages is writing an essay? Or maybe you are applying for admission to a university and you need to tell about yourself, your achievements, and plans in the essay? Either way, your goal is to write a great essay in English. This is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, and we will help you figure it out.

This article will talk about how to write an essay in English, what types of essays exist, how to write an introduction to an essay, and what linking words to use in the text.

Where to look for help with writing a custom essay

Also, for those who desperately feel a lack of time, a custom essay writing service is available for college students, which can assist in the academic writing of an essay or any other kind of task required.

There are plenty of online custom writing services providing help with college papers for students but far from each of them is able to suggest price-quality relationships. is the website providing its assistance 24/7 for a fairly cheap cost.

What to look for when writing?

  • It is necessary to decide on the topic and purpose of the essay, its separate paragraphs.
  • To grab the attention of a listener or reader, you need to write a fact or a phrase at the beginning of the text.
  • At the beginning of the paper, there should be a description of the question on the topic.
  • The text should have a structure, that is, be divided into paragraphs, sections. There must be a logical connection between them, so the integrity of the work will be achieved.
  • The text of the essay should be written emotionally. This can be achieved by using short sentences or phrases with different intonations.

How to write an essay?

Before writing, you can read the essay (there are plenty of examples available online).

There is a rule for an essay, how to write it, the text must have a suitable title. There is no need to insert statements such as: “I can tell you about this or that” or others like this, this formulation is typical for writing abstracts. Try to reveal the essence of the question posed to you.

Choosing a topic

Before you start writing, you need to decide on the topic, and this can take a lot of time, especially in a situation where nothing comes to mind.

There are exceptions when the teacher himself determines the topic, when there is a direction in the assignment, when you can choose a topic from the proposed list or write about what you like (free topic).

Clear direction in the assignment

According to the terms of your college assignment, the topic of the essay will be known in advance. At the same time, the writing style will be different, and it will depend on where the work is supposed to be submitted.

The text for the university will not be the same as when applying for a new place of work, or when passing an exam at school.

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The reader or listener of your essay will expect originality from it, the ability to correctly express thoughts, clarification of your being an expert, or something else.

Free essay

This is the most difficult task, although on the other hand, unlimited possibilities open up for the author, because you can write about whatever you want. In order not to get very confused about the diversity, you need to choose an area that is not only interesting, but also which you have expertise in.

Some describe events that happened, reliable and interesting facts, celebrities, architecture and much more. Others can talk about themselves or criticize everything. The nature of the text will vary depending on what you are writing about even though you are not a writer.

Essay outline and structure

First, you should think about the structure of the essay. To do so, just make an outline of what you are going to write about. This will be the mainstay of the text, and subsequently, it will gather flesh.

One should not be a professional to understand that a writing plan is needed for every text, and especially for an essay. Now you have an idea of how to write an outline of an essay.

There are three steps to present any kind of an essay:


The introduction means the first item of your script. It must be written in such a way as to interest the reader to read the essay until the finish. So that he understands what is going to be discussed later.

Body part

There are a few points of view in the body part towards the issue. The thesis comes first – the author’s thought, the message he tries to send to the reader like experienced writers do. Then the argument and evidence of the thesis, which was written previously. For instance, the present-day situation from private or social life, some theory or scientifically proven fact.

At the same time, the author is entitled to bring with no limit on the number of arguments to one thesis. It will stand upon the structure of the essay and its length. The key point is that the text is understandable and consistent. You can consider the arguments in the following sequence as it is done by professional services:

  • Statement.
  • Explanation.
  • Example.
  • Final statement.


In the end of the essay, it is required to arrive at well-considered conclusions for every thesis presented within the text. So the native speaker and a reader can reason from premises what he has read.

The author has to describe the issue and come up with a conclusion. Introductory part goes for making a reader interested, while the conclusion summarizes all the given information. If I were to speak about basic rules on how to make it right and compose a beautiful essay, this is it.

Then again, if you need a company to provide you with a good one, is happy to do it for you 24/7. This service is a real catch for college students who are seeking help with their essay writing.

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