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Real-time Forest fire detection using wireless sensor networks in IoT – Forest monitoring

Forest fire detection

A forest fire has been one of the biggest natural disasters these years; we have witnessed the magnificent Amazon burning down and Australia and its wildlife suffering the fire. They all have been terrifying and alarming. A forest fire can be caused mainly due to two reasons accident or intentional.

But nowadays, due to climate change, global warming, a lot of natural disasters have been noticed.

Every year thousands of forest hectares are destroyed, but not only does this damage the greenery and the wildlife, but it also goes on destroying the properties and assists the public leaving people homeless and vulnerable.

Many precautionsand progress had been made throughout the years to avoid the disaster or to control the widespread, but not all of them were successful.

There is a lack of technology being used in the process, which is a disadvantage. Making use of satellites to catch pictures is not enough. Real-time forest fire detection using wireless sensor networks in IoT can be a game-changer in detecting fire. Just how offices and residents have smoke detectors utilizingforest fire detection using IoT can help in the prevention of forest fires—keeping the greens and the natural habitat safe.

Materials and Methods

So, what are the method to detect forest fire detection using a wireless sensor network:

  1. Remote monitoring, sensors, surveillance are some of the forest fire detection using sensors network in IoT methods used to detect forest fire.
  2. A forest fire can be quickly detected, and the information can be swiftly transmitted to larger distance places.
  3. Satellite fire detection can also pick up the temperature, humidity, wind, rainfall, smoke, and the sun heat-monitoring the area.
  4. Forest fires will be identified accurately in the early stage, and an alarm will be quickly dispatched to stop it. IoT environment alarms are provided with embedded information from various nodes.
  5. No maintenance or battery recharge will be required for nodes.
  6. Nodes will work uninterrupted with an optimized power low power mode and an energy harvest technology.

Central Nodes

The communication and computing capabilities of Central Nodes are more robust than the sensor nodes.

The primary duty of the central nodes is to collect and group data, manage alerts and pass messages, and form a core network from node sensors. The central nodes can also include sensor capabilities possibly.

They have strong input, output, and processing language, which is one of the main benefits of using forest fire detection using sensors network in IoT.

A fraction of the Central node will be directly linked to the vital core nodes of the control center.

The permissible output power is a maximum of 250 mW and can be detected up to 15 kilometers.Since nodes are not separated in most of the applications, the output power can be tuned to save electricity as low as required.

The central nodes must be deployed and located in an elevated area a short distance from the monitoring area. This enhances energy harvest, communications over a long distance and prevents disruption.

Sensor nodes, sensor network

The Sensor node network is responsible for monitoring and providing early warnings based on environmental and weather variables linked to forest fire risk and propagation.

Low humidity, wind speed, direction, temperature,CO, and CO2 levels are monitored in particular by Sensor Nodes.

SN network consists of numerous end nodes with the standard features of wireless network sensor devices.

The IoT-based fire department alerting system, sensor nodes consist of ultralow microcontroller in the processing unit.

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The communications system consists of a radio transceiver and its accompanying radio frequency stage. It’s comparatively used less in forestry situations because of its high transmission range that works on this specific frequency area.

The sensing module is one of the forest fire fighting using remote sensing techniques that consists of a number of monitors.

Each node contains an embedded sensor of relative humidity and temperature.It is also equipped with a fume sensor. Moreover, specific unique nodes are connected with an anemometer, a flap, and a precipitation sensor to measure wind velocity and direction.

Experiments and results

Various experiments and studies were conducted on implementing forest fire detection using sensors network in IoT to ensure the IoT platform for forest fire alert works accurately.

The central nodes and the sensor nodes were used for the experiment. Two Censor Nodes were interconnected in a 1-6 kilometer distance. The Sensor Nodes were roughly 25 m away from the CNs. Data were successfully transmitted to the middleware via the CN connected to the control center’s computer.

Implementation and Conclusion

Forest fire is a significant problem in various countries. California has massive forest fires every year, Australia is severely burned, India too has faced the situation. Global warming and climate change is making the problem worst and worst. To prevent and tackle this obstacle, the implementation of forest fire detection using sensors network in IoT is necessary to save the greenery and its natural habitat.

Forest fire detection using a Sensor network in IoT acts as a sensor and alerts any potential disaster. It can transmit data and alert the related departments until a very long range which is a very helpful measure to save the forest.

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