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Top ways of Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Instagram recorded the highest growth rate of all time, compared to other social networks. In every part of the world, the sharing of visual posts gets a very high number of interactions, which is why, today; this social network represents an excellent tool for corporate and personal web marketing.

Instagram, a brief overview

It comes in 2010, founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and was born as an application for taking pictures and applying filters. At one point, the stroke of genius: sharing on social networks. Initially created only for iOS, in 2012 the version for Android also arrives, which allows rapid and very large-scale diffusion.

At this point, Zuckerberg decides to buy the app; transforming it into a real social network, very powerful, today almost as much as a Facebook year ago Instagram had 600. Numbers demonstrate the exponential and continuous growth of social media, which makes it perfect for innovative and highly effective marketing strategies.

Why do marketing with Instagram

Unlike other social networks, on Instagram users are characterized by having a lower average age, a behavior certainly less formal and oriented towards the moment. Therefore, it is an important tool to tell the human side of a brand or a product, its less institutional aspect, its most likeable one. It is a sort of backstage – always official – of corporate communication, but done with art. 

Perfect for creating the most original site of a web marketing campaign spread across different media. At the company level, here are a few numbers: from the data, more than 60% of users follow a brand, offering corporate visibility that is over 50% greater than Facebook. The engagement rate on Instagram is 4% and leverages user loyalty.

Instagram and social media marketing

We have made a very attractive and positive portrait of this social network, but to use it effectively as a marketing tool it is not enough to publish random photos and images. On the contrary, a well-defined strategy is needed, clear objectives from the beginning, a professional and constant work, an editorial plan that makes the story credible, coherent and creates loyalty with followers.

You can also visit here to get new information or quality services of Instagram. All elements that allow you to reach your target audience and strengthen your brand, even if it’s just your image. Therefore, it is good to start by defining the objectives; only in this way will you understand, consequently to whom you refer and how to communicate.

In general, Instagram’s marketing tool is the ideal tool for a company that wants to tell its product, creating at the same time a community of reference and increasing the authority and loyalty towards the brand.

Then we move on to the target, which is essential for packaging your content strategy. At this point, it is necessary to optimize your profile, create an editorial plan, define the times, and, of course, monitor the campaign with the analysis of the results.

The Instagram profile, how to optimize it

The business card on Instagram is your profile, whether it’s a person or a company. Here we can enter the information we consider useful. In the case of a company profile, we can also insert the link to the site in order to generate visits and interest. The first element is the biography, which must be built on the brand. A few lines available to tell what we are dealing with. 

Generally, we tend to insert a slogan or a hashtag that will become recurrent in the communication. The profile image is the second fundamental element: each user will recognize us through it, for a company it obviously means inserting their logo or an identifying image. On the links, a brief separate discussion must be made: taking into account that on Instagram we cannot insert links to his posts that we publish, the only space to refer to your site is the personal profile.

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Among the profile information, we can insert the link to the homepage of the company website or even to a landing page created ad hoc. Today, with the Business Profile you can also connect the Instagram profile with your Facebook page; you can have the insight data of the promotions, as well as the statistics on the followers and on the posts published. Great tool for both a freelancer and a company. The latest innovation is contact, which puts you in direct and immediate contact with the company.

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The heart of the strategy: The contents on Instagram are purely visual, on the social network there are over 95 million photos and videos that are shared every day by subscribers. Many companies choose to use this social network to tell an aspect of the brand, which can be a product line, the community, or the company philosophy. The only rule is to create content that interests and engages followers. Some idea? Maybe focus on the human side of the company or brand, on the people who work, behind the scenes, on the uses of the products, and so on.

If the visual content is of good quality and is consistent with the type of brand or story it needs to tell, followers will read the caption. Today you have the possibility to publish video content too: 60-second videos, Instagram Stories, and photo albums. To do this, you can also use ad hoc Instagram video apps, such as Boomerang or Diptic or even flip gram.

Instagram marketing, how much and when to post

Regarding the frequency with which to post content on Instagram, many large companies claim to have an average of 1.5 posts per day, a frequent but not annoying story can retain followers and create the necessary engagement.

On when, according to recent research, the best days are Mondays and Thursdays between 8 and 9. However, it is necessary to pay attention to your target audience and thus know their habits to understand when it is best to publish a post and at what time.

Analysis of the results

Monitoring the progress of Instagram Marketing campaigns is essential to understand if it is in the right direction, if something is wrong, to know the tastes and habits of your target, and redefine the promotional strategy. With the analysis of the results, we will also understand which type of content and topic has captured the most attention and shape the strategy based on the best results.

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