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Should you Migrate to Dedicated Server Mexico from Shared Server?

Shared Server

If you want to host a large-scale website like an E-commerce or online shopping site, you may require high-caliber services and support. So, for leveraging your website requirements, shared hosting is not enough. This is because, being a shared nature, it shares its dedicated resources with its neighboring sites. Hence, offer less secure, limited resources, not server control, unable to upgrades, etc. Instead of that, a Dedicated Server Mexico, being a robust and compelling web hosting platform, caters to industry-leading services along with customer-focused support. Therefore, meet your enterprise requirements and best for your business website.

Through this guide, we will let you know how Migrating to Dedicated Server Hosting Mexico from Shared Server is a smart and lucrative choice. But before that, let’s dive into the disadvantages of choosing shared hosting.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting you must know

Shared Hosting is undoubtedly a great choice and perfect solution for business beginners, but when it comes to handling large traffic, serving optimized performance, and standard security measures, it is unable to accomplish business demands. Thus, you need to upgrade your plans or either move your data on a Dedicated Hosting.

Let’s hop into the major disadvantages that a business owner can face if they choose the Shared Server.

  • You’ll get the availability of the limited resources
  • Shared Hosting influences the sluggishness when getting higher traffic
  • It will stop performing when you open too many pages at a time
  • Being a shared nature, it offers less security i.e Vulnerable to security issues
  • You’re unable to get the expected support that your web host promise to give you
  • Another website if get encounter with mishappens can affect your website
  • You are enabled to install limited software on your server
  • You may need to pay additional or upfront charges for deploying SSL Certificates

What are the benefits of Migrating to Dedicated Server Mexico?

Shared Server gives you limited resources and services. In contrast, being an Expensive plan Dedicated Server gives you a great combo of compelling and rich in feature services with greater support. Moreover, check the below-mentioned key reasons that leverage users for migrations.

Complete Server Management

In the situation when you won’t have commenced your business but don’t have strong technical skills. At that moment, whether it’s you or any business owner unable to manage their servers. For that, you have a great choice to opt for the Managed Dedicated plans in which you get the complete server management. So, just keep your eye on your sales, let your web host manage your server for you.

High End and Standard Security

Security plays a key role for every user and business person who is doing their business online. It doesn’t matter whether they are hosting small-scale or large-scale companies. With continuous growth, they face lots of challenges; that’s why a Cheap Dedicated server in Mexico comes into the limelight to overcome these hurdles. It gives you sturdy security measures that protect your website from suspicious attacks and hacks. Therefore, you can have DDoS protection, Malware scans & Removal, Firewalls, Antiviruses, etc to secure your site data.

Administrative Access and Server Configuration

A Dedicated Server in Mexican enables you to install the various OS Compatible applications and software on your server that you can’t expect with any other web hosting. It means you have complete control over your server to perform any operations required or necessary for your business.

High Availability of Resources

Shared Hosting won’t give you the resources you need to manage your large-scale business website. That’s why the Dedicated Server Mexico is introduced that gives you compelling and intense resources such as enterprise-level technology, SSL certificate, 99.99% uptime, Security measures, and much more to accomplish your online business requirements.

Robust Hardware Specifications

Hardware Specifications are crucial and play an imperative role when it comes to running your site online. Therefore, when you choose shared hosting, you won’t get the rock solid hardware components. That’s why a Dedicated Server in Mexico gives you potent hardware specifications such as High Random Access Memory, High Storage, Solid State Drives, CPU, Fast processors by the top tier 3 and top tier 4 data centers.

Choice of Operating system

How wonderful it is when you get the flexibility of selecting your choice of the operating system. It means you can run your software and applications on Linux or Windows operating systems. Both give you greater flexibility and powerful compatibility. Therefore, Dedicated Server Mexican enables you to install as many applications as you want to install according to your website requirements. Whether it is about installing any security softwares or applications to boost up your website performance and speed.

Content panel Options

To make any modifications and changes to your website, you must need the flexible options that you can have with the control panels. So, it’s completely your choice to use the cPanel or Plesk panel to make server configurations. It gives you plenty of options that you can employ either to install, delete, modify, update new applications on your server. Also, you can install the custom-built software.

Dedicated Resources

When choosing a web hosting solution, the very first thing any business person can analyze is how dedicated resources they can have. But, if you choose shared hosting, you can’t get private resources. You need to share them with your neighboring sites. Whereas a Dedicated server gives you bundles of dedicated resources that are yours only. It means you won’t share them with other websites.

Thus, these intense and exclusive privileges let you know that migrating your data from shared hosting to a Mexican Dedicated Server Hosting is a smart move that every business person should for accelerating their business growth. But it’s also important to get to know from where you can enjoy these benefits. Let’s see.

Which Dedicated Server Hosting Plan to Choose?

Dedicated Server

Undoubtedly, if you’ve reached this point of discussion, you decided to migrate your site to a Dedicated Server Mexico Hosting. After this, you need to finalize a web host. This is because a web host is a crucial decision that defines your business success. Hence, you need to make it very carefully. For that, you need to deeply analyze the services, plans and compare them with other hostings. It will take you lots of valuable time. But don’t worry if you don’t have much time, then we have found a leading and reliable web host provider for you- Serverwala Cloud Data Center. This web host provides the intense resources and powerful services you may need to accomplish your business requirements. The platform also values your time, providing complete management and maintenance support and 24*7 customer support.

Summing Up

As you have seen, an array of benefits you can employ with the Dedicated Server Hosting instead of that of a shared server. Both have a major difference in terms of reliability, flexibility, security, management, etc. So, if you are more concerned about these factors and want your business to grow rapidly in the web hosting industry. At that moment, migrating your website data from shared hosting to a Dedicated Server Hosting in Mexico is the best move.  So, let’s do it and go with the dedicated hosting without putting pressure on your mind.

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