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How to share an Instagram story

Instagram Story

It is not difficult at all and it can also be very fun to learn together how to share a story on Instagram of another person: a friend or an account that you follow and that you love the content that they upload daily.

Go ahead!!

Every time you see a story about your best friend or your idol on Instagram, you would love to share it on your profile to also show it to your followers. But you still don’t know how to share a story from other users on your Instagram because you are not that social media expert.

It is a very simple procedure and at the end of this article, you will have no more doubts about how to share stories on Instagram and how to share a story on someone else’s Instagram.

The tool that allows you to create stories on Instagram has always made the platform more popular. Instagram grows every year. And if you want to grow your story views at the cheapest pricing packages then you must need to Buy Instagram Story Views Canada.

Create an Instagram story

The first thing you will have to do is open your official Instagram application installed on your Android or iOS mobile device.

Once in your account, click on the + icon that you will find on your profile photo. From there, the display screen of the Instagram stories tool will open.

Now you can easily choose the content you want to share with your social network audience: you can upload a photo that you have taken at the moment, a selfie, a screenshot or a content that you have previously created and saved in your mobile gallery.

You can also decide to upload a video bearing in mind that the maximum length of the video is 15 seconds.

How to share a story on Instagram

Once the content has been selected, you can decide whether to add stickers or particular effects such as the superzoom or make a boomerang. They are small videos with funny effects that already exist on the platform.

Instagram also allows you to add music or texts to your photos or videos. Lastly, you can put a filter on it by choosing from the existing filters in the application. When you are satisfied with the content you have created you can move on to the next step.

Done? Perfect! You are now ready to share your story on your personal profile for all your followers to see! On the story creation screen, there is a Share button.

By pressing it, you can share the story in your personal account for the next 24 hours, or you can decide whether to send the story to a friend who will receive it through Instagram instant messaging in direct messages.

How to share Ig stories on Facebook

If you are an Instagram user but you still have your account open on Facebook and you want to share the same content, don’t worry, you can do it without problems! How to do it? Follow these steps that I will explain below.

First of all, open the official Instagram application on your mobile device. You can install it on Android or iOS. If you have to, log into your account with your data and your password. Now once inside your profile you will have to click on the three lines that you find in the upper right to access the application settings.

Well, in the settings you will have to click on Linked Accounts and on the next screen click on Facebook to link your two accounts on social networks. You can link your personal profile on Facebook or a page that you are managing on the platform.

How to share someone else’s story on Instagram

Until not long ago, nobody knew how to share someone else’s story on Instagram without using external applications such as repost or regram. You would have to use an insta story saver or Instagram story downloader to download these applications to obtain the expected result of sharing someone else’s content on your profile.

Fortunately, Instagram over time has developed this function within its own application without forcing those who wanted to use the functionality to download other third-party applications.

In any case, the procedure is not as simple as retweeting the famous Twitter or sharing a post on Facebook. But you can do it by reading this guide carefully and doing it step by step. Let’s go for it.

Share a story in direct messages

Once the story of the user that you want to share with a message is open and viewed, you simply have to click on the paper airplane icon that appears on the screen.

In the next window, you can also write a message along with the story you are sharing, and to send it you just have to click on Send. The recipient will receive a private direct message from Instagram with the story you have shared with him and the text you have added.

If, as we have seen, you want to share the story of another user in your story, you will have to ask for permission. Once the permission is obtained, you can take a screenshot or a screen recording to the photo or video to add before all the content in your mobile gallery.

Once this is done, follow the procedure to create a new story and upload the saved content. If you want, you can also decide to mention the creator of the story that you have shared in your account.

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