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Types of SEO and their role to rank a website

SEO OPtimization

If you have a business website and there is not organic traffic on this website and you are thinking what happened with this website?. Its answer is simple, Without SEO, it’s hard to find websites and users are not able to see your website.

Do not worry! we guide you through all the types of SEO basics you need to know to proceed with search engine optimization and hope this guide helpful for you to rank your website.

Without wasting any time, let’s get started!. In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What is SEO
  • Different types of SEO?
  • How does a search engine work?
  • What is Keyword Research?
  • How many types of SEO?
  • From where you can learn free SEO and use free tools?

What is SEO?

What is SEO

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. Search Engine is a platform(Yahoo, Google, and Bing, ) at the world wide web where we can search any information of our own choice and optimization refers to the enhancement & improvement of your websites w.r.t. search engines for better user experience against their search queries.

“By using SEO, you can optimize your website in search engines and improve your website rankings by organic traffic without any paid task. ”

How does a search engine work?

Search engines work through three fundamental actions:

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Ranking
What is Search engine optimization

1. Crawling

The major search engine is Google that uses 90% of the whole market.

Google’s crawler name is Googlebot. The google crawler/Googlebot visits your website to analyze and understand the theme and topic of your website.

So that when someone around the globe searches for any query which is related to your website then google Bots bring out that information in SERP for that visitor against his search query.

2. Indexing

Once a website has been crawled, the search engine(Google) need to decide how to organize the information and the process of crawling creation of cached version and then saving it at google data center called “indexation”.

In simple words, By crawling Googlebot creates a copy and make a cached version of your website and then stored in the Google index, which is a huge database.

  • Ranking

Ranking search engines start making decisions during the indexing process on where to display your website content on the SERP (search engine results page).In the final step, search engine results are ranked your website based on several factors.

The “Best” results have many factors, including things such as the user’s need, language, location, device (desktop or phone), and previous queries, etc.

What is Keyword Research?

What is keyword research

Search query is anything that is being searched at google and these search queries are known as keywords.

First of all, you need to know what your audience is searching for. Focusing on your audience and You likely have a few keywords in mind that you would like to rank for the website.

These will be things like your services, products, or other content your website addresses, and they are great seed keywords for your research.

Now you need to enter your seed keywords into a keyword research tool and then you will begin to discover other keywords, topics, and common questions for your website content. there is some keyword research tool that helps you to find the best keywords.

Google keyword planner


Google Suggest

Ahrefs (paid tool)

Google Suggest

There are two types of keywords:

One is Short-tail keywords that consist of one keyword and the second one is long-tail keywords that consist of Key phrases.

If you are starting your website SEO, you just need to focus on five keywords and must use one short-tail keyword and the other four long-tail keywords.

How many types of SEO?

There are three types of SEO, by uses SEO you easily rank your website in SERP.

  • On-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Off-page SEO

1.On-Page optimization

On-page SEO concerns all of Google’s ranking factors and it is the important location at your website. I hope you think about where we use your targeted keywords. Implement your targeted keywords throughout your website and content in places such as:

1- Title or Meta Title

2- Meta Description

3- Headings

4- Content

5- Internal Linking (in a content of 500 words we shall add 5 related internal links)

6- Image ALT tags (Important to place target keywords)

2.Off-page SEO

In off-page SEO you can increase the popularity of your website on social networks, other blogs, etc by Backlinks. The higher the popularity higher the ranking and earn organic traffic.

3.Technical SEO

In this process, we make our website SEO friendly technically. It means when google crawlers (Googlebot) come to our website then it doesn’t face any difficulty in indexing our website.

So, this way if the website is easy to crawl which means our SEO must be done well to avoid the crawler to miss any page at the website and our ranking will get better eventually. 10 main functions are used in Technical SEO.

1- XML Site Map

2- Robots.Text (restricts crawling for the whole section with multiple pages/posts)

3- Meta Robots (HTML Tags) (Restricts crawling for individual page/post)

4- Canonical Tag (HTML tags) (something which is accepted officially as genuine)

5- Facebook Open Graph Tag

6- Twitter Cards Tag

7- Pagination Tags

8- All in One Rich Schema

9- Redirection

10- Canonicalization facto

From where you can learn free SEO and use free tools?

Five websites want to guide you about SEO free of cost. If you want to learn complete SEO, just go and learn free SEO from here.

  5. Digiskills. pk

If you want to use free SEO tools, then we are telling you the best five websites that provide you free SEO tools, by using these seven tools your website traffic must grow and your website rank in the top ten results.






WE hope that this article will guide you about SEO and by uses SEO tools, you must rank your website and SEO is a great way to drive organic traffic to your website without directly paying for it.

Video Credit Neil Patel

About the author

Nimra Shafique is a professional content marketer. She writes SEO friendly articles for businesses that want to see their Google search rankings surge. See specialise in balancing information with SEO needs–but never at the expense of providing an entertaining read. you can find her on Facebook.

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