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Does google consider domain authority (DA) as a ranking factor?

domain authority

Google is the number 1 most used search engine on the internet, and to rank sites, it considers a lot of factors to determine the ranking of each site on google.

One of the ranking factors also involves domain authority. Well, in an interview with John Mueller who is the senior webmaster or SEO analyst at google since 2007 has stated clearly that google had no metric of using domain authority as a ranking factor of the sites.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a ranking score of a search engine which predicts the rank of a site from 1 to 100 on the SERPS, but you need to understand what the word “authority’’ means.

The word “authority” is defined as the accumulated age of the domain and the relevance of links on it.

Domain Authority

To measure the domain authority MozBar is a free google extension that can measure the domain authority of your site. Or you can check your domain authority here.

Domain authority is the concept that has been in the world of SEO since 1999. The history behind the origination of this concept of domain authority is the HITS algorithm.

What is the HITS algorithm?

HITS algorithm is one of the google algorithms which divides the structure of internet links into 2 parts: HUBS and AUTHORITIES.

The good sites that are linked to other good sites are known as HUBS, whereas, the sites that receive most links from hubs are known as authorities.

Let’s take an example to understand this you and your friends have gone to buy a bike; your friends are recommending you one of the dealerships across the road, the friends that are recommending are considered as hubs and the dealership would be considered as authorities.

PageRank came after this algorithm and people seem to notice that google was biased towards the higher PageRank (link popularity), this was the root idea behind domain authority.

The importance and relevance of domain authority?

How important is domain authority? Well, to know this, you need to understand that the Google ranking algorithms are very mysterious and no one exactly knows about the actual procedure of ranking websites on google.

But they certainly have provided the ranking factors and domain authority is not all you need to rank your website because only due to the age and links on the site don’t let Google rank them higher.

You might previously know that Google applies over 200 ranking elements in their algorithm…

But what the heck are they?

Some are authentic.

Some are controvertible.

Others are SEO nerd consideration.

But they’re all here.

Let’s dive right in.

However, it has a role of ranking sites higher but if we think that hypothetically you have bought a domain made in 2005 which shows great authority over new sites but if your websites have low-quality content and less optimization of keywords or extra stuffing of keyword, the google would not let your websites rank higher.

Because Google also considers the relevance of the content on the websites with the people searching for it.

How to increase my domain authority?

A very important question arises in every website owner’s mind that how to build domain authority. Improving your domain authority is very important and there are few points to understand which can eventually increase your ranking score (domain authority).

1.Improving link profile:

You have to improve your link profile because the quality of the link profile determines the score of domain authority, the higher the quality of the link profile the greater will be the score and vice versa.

How to improve my link profile? I know that this question has arisen in your mind, and here are a few techniques or tips to improve it.

  • Get rid of bad links from your profile.

Getting rid of bad links or low-quality links from your profile can significantly increase the quality of your link profile.

By bad links, I mean those links which are not related to your website or those incoming links from low authority websites, to get rid of the bad link you can use the Google disavow tool.

As you’re removing bad links from your websites you can also choose to receive incoming links from higher authority websites, this would also improve your link profile.

  • Natural link building.

When you create insightful, high-quality content on your websites it tends to attract other websites to link your website in their content which builds a connection from one site to another, and this theory is called natural link building.

Natural link building will improve the link profile of your website by attracting visitors and readers from the relevant links other webmasters have attached to their website.

2. Optimize your On-Page:

On-page optimization means to optimize the content on your website in a way that it becomes more relevant and engaging to the reader.

To optimize your on-page SEO you can apply the following tips below:

  • No stuffing or unnatural use of keywords, instead use keywords that coordinate naturally with your content.
  • SEO optimized titles and description: use SEO tools to find out what topics are being searched by the masses and use them in your title, and you can use free keyword tools to find the perfect keywords for your title.
  • Make sure you have properly optimized your media such as images and videos.

3. focus on engaging within social media platforms:

In today’s time everybody with every type of interest can be found on social media platforms and to engage with similar niche-interested people online, can attract a great deal of audience to your website and enlarge your online community.

This can significantly increase the domain authority score as the algorithms of google find your website content to be more relevant.

How you can increase your engagement within social media platforms?

  • You can join the Facebook groups related to the topics of content on your website and actively taking part in helping and engaging with others and where it seems relevant you placed your link to your website.
  • Sharing your website content.
  • You can create informative content in form of artistic images and post them on Instagram with your link.

In the end, the whole article concludes that no one should solely be dependent on the domain authority factor as it is not the only factor that determines your ranking.

The most important point to take from this article is to focus more on your website content and less on domain authority because google ranking algorithms have 100 different ranking factors to consider so to rank your website higher, learn about the proper SEO optimization.

Historic domain authority

Checking the history of your domain authority(DA) is a very simple and easy process. Simply go to and enter your domain name to check the DA history of your domain just like that.

DA history

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