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What is a PBN Network and should you use this in 2021?


If you don’t know anything about the private blogging network or pbn links in 2021 and wondering what it is then, you’re at the right place.

Here you will understand everything you need to know about the private blogging network (PBN), starting from the basics and a bit of the background of PBN to the benefits it provides and the disadvantages it brings to you.

You would also learn the significance of a private blogging network in ranking your website by using backlinks. Huh! What are backlinks? Don’t worry you would also learn about it too.

Moreover, at the end of the article, you would be able to decide whether to opt for PBN or not?

So, let’s dive into the topic!

What is private blogging network:

Before in time, someone managed to generate an enormous number of backlinks by purchasing expired domains because expired domains have higher authority due to their age of creation.

For example, the domain which was created in 2010 has much more value in the eye of search engines than the domain which was created in 2015.

Basically, backlinks are the backbone of private blogging networks (PBN).

What are backlinks:

Backlinks are those links which connect a website from another external website, wait let me explain,

Website A has a link to your website which we suppose as website B. so when someone will visit the website A and click on that link he or she will be directed to your website B, this link that directed anyone from website A to website B is known as a backlink.

A private blogging network (PBN) in simple words is a network of websites or set of domains that are owned by a single person and, that is connected from one link to another, these links are called pbn backlinks.

Private blogging networks are fully controlled by the owner of PBN, I mean the content and links on the website can be altered easily by the owner of PBN according to the desired niche of the website.

What’s more amazing is that private blogging networks allow you to create a hyperlink in between your content through which you can market different products such as affiliate marketing products.

  • Why you should use expired domains and from where you can find it?

I have talked about the importance of expired domain above but first, let’s know that where these expired domains come from.

Expired domains are those domains that were once alive and used and afterward they were taken away by the provider of domains.

These domains which once had higher authority and are valuable according to SEO and you can buy them easily from the

The benefits of using a private blogging network (PBN).

    1. Unlimited flexibility: 

      As I have mentioned earlier, that PBN allows you control and alter all the content and links attached to your website, and this is the only way which provides full authority and control over the website.

In addition, it also provides keywords utilization in order to rank your website on a search engine, which is phenomenal!

However, there is also an alternative option to get free domains for your websites from and other websites but, they don’t provide access to those features which you can get from buying the domains, preferably, the expired domains which are more valuable.

2.Increase your SEO:

Can PBN increase the SEO ranking in the search engine? Yes, it can. As I have mentioned that PBN generates backlinks, but first understand what type of backlinks you should use on your website?

You must know that the backlinks you are using should be relevant to the content of your website, for example, you have a digital marketing blog and you are attaching a link to some electric product from amazon, well, in this case, it doesn’t make sense so avoid it.

Alternatively, use the relevant backlinks in your content which will let the search engine understand it better and it can rank your website higher.

The disadvantages of private blogging network (PBN):

 PBN seriously sounds interesting and easy but they are very risky that’s why many webmaster or SEO experts doesn’t recommend using PBN.

But why! what’s the problem?

Firstly, understand that in the universe of SEO there are two techniques: the black hat and the white hat technique. Basically, a wrong way and a right way.

  1. White hat techniques:

White hat techniques are considered as legal which includes effective keyword research and uses, quality content, right site optimization.

This requires more effort and understanding of SEO which is very time-consuming so some individuals decide to go the other way around.

  • Black hat techniques:

Black hat techniques are considered as illegal techniques which are used to boost the ranking of the website by using article spinning or stuffing of keywords or using of backlinks.

Well, the best search engines such as Google, yahoo strongly condemns it, and when they suspect someone using it, they penalize the website.

Is using a Private blogging network safe?

Unfortunately, private blogging network (PBN) falls in the category of black hat technique as it involves the usage of backlinks.

When search engines like google and yahoo found something suspicious, they inquire and penalize your website.

If such a thing happens, then imagine like in a second all the content you have created and all the SEO work you have put in to rank your website will soon be going to be annihilated.

Whether you should choose PBN or not?

Well, that depends totally upon you to choose a private blogging network (PBN) as your go-to option, but before deciding you should look at the facts or consult an SEO expert who understands the complications of a private blogging network.

In my opinion, using a PBN network is a bit riskier because personally, I would choose the white hat techniques which are a little more time and effort taking but the search engines are being smarter every single day passes.

And their algorithms are enhancing to such an extent that they can easily spot any suspicious activity happening and if got caught they will surely penalize your website.

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