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How to use Google translate to write a unique blog post

Google translate

Google translate is a popular tool from Google Inc. to translate your document into almost any language in the world. Because of google translate, translation is not a difficult job as were in the past.

But, did you know Google translate is not only helped us to translate any document in other languages but, also it’s very helpful to create a unique article through its examples and synonyms? but how! let’s take a look at how Google translate helps us to create a unique article/ blog post.

1-Through Examples

When you write a word in the Google translate box then, it does not only translate the word in your selected language but also the show’s the example to use the words in sentences.

It means if you find a difficult word then Google translate will not only show his translation but will also show the usage of this word to clear your concept so you can use this word in your post with a clear mind.

For example, we have searched the word Unique in Google search then, it will show its translation and help to understand the usage of the word in sentences.

Google translate examples

2- It will show the Synonyms of the word as well

Using synonyms and related keywords in your article or blog post are very helpful in SEO. But how can you find the synonyms of your keywords while creating a blog post?

Again Google will help you to find the useful synonyms of your keywords in a very easy way. just type your keyword and it will show you a lot of synonyms and related keywords according to your given keyword.

Google translate synonyms

see a lot of synonyms and related keywords shown below the main keyword.

Final Words

Google likes unique and informative articles that provide useful information to the users who are using google search to find quality content. But if you are sharing plagiarised or another person’s research then, Google will not rank your content in search rankings. So create your content wisely by using this helpful tool of Google and, Don’t forget to check for plagiarism before sharing it on your website.

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