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Benefits of using synonyms and relevant keywords

synonyms and related keywords

Adopting the proper keywords is the key to SEO. Because using the words your audience Looking with will help your posts and pages rank. That’s why we tell you to put some struggle into the discovery of the ideal keywords to optimize your articles. So, after discovering that ideal keyword, why shouldn’t you utilize it over and over again? Why would you use synonyms and related keywords? Well, it might seem oppugnant, but using synonyms and related keywords the right way will surely boost your rankings.

Variety is key

The main logic to use synonyms and relevant keywords in your text is that they will make your text much easier to understand. If you write a text about ‘Chocolate’ and use the word ‘Chocolate’ in every other sentence, your text will not flow naturally and become unclear. Your readers will most likely stop reading and leave your page or post. You’ll lose your readers.

That’s why you should strive for variety in your writing. For instance, words like ‘sweets’ and ‘delicacy’ could serve as synonyms for ‘candy’. And similar keywords could be ‘chocolate’ and ‘sugar,’ which aren’t synonyms for ‘candy’, but are related to it and can hence however be relevant for your text.

So for your text to be charming and appealing, it should be varied. This can be done in several ways. For example, you can try to substitute long sentences with more abbreviated ones. Longer sentences are usually more complex to process and by also using shorter sentences, your text becomes easier to read. You can also try to shuffle the sequence of words to avoid too much redundancy in your sentences.

But the most essential thing is to vary with the specific words you use. Particularly if you’re trying to rank for a long-tail keyphrase which consists of many words, such as ‘candy store New York’. Using that accurate keyphrase in a lot of your sentences will cause your text terrible to read. Using synonyms and related keywords, on the other hand, lets you make a text much more engaging while still being able to concentrate on your chosen keyphrase.

Keyword density

Of course, it’s necessary to use your focus keyword repeatedly and be aware of your keyword density, but you shouldn’t overstate it. In the old days, SEOs managed to stuff their texts with their keyword as much as they could. That way, Google would know what the text was about and rank it respectively. However, Google has developed a long way after then. It can read and understand texts and is on a continuous journey to better this understanding.

I’ll give you an instance. If you type in Chocolate store in Karachi’ on Google, the results will show pages about ‘Chocolate stores’ as well as ‘Chocolate shops’. Google knows that ‘store’ and ‘shop’ are synonyms, and handles them as such. 

This doesn’t take away from the point that you should however use your focus keyword several times throughout your post. After all, the focus keyword is yet the word or phrase your audience was seeking. These are the words your audience uses and will demand to find in your text. That accurate match remains essential. But, to avoid using your keyword too many times – also called keyword stuffing – you can use synonyms and relevant keywords. That way you’re capable to rank on those keywords while keeping your text charming and clear.

How frequently should you use synonyms and similar keywords?

The practice of synonyms versus the use of focus keywords is no specific science. The most crucial principle is the way readers will experience your text. So, read and re-read it. Is it likable and easy to understand? Or are you getting bothered by the repeated use of a particular term? Be observant of your own work and ask others for feedback on your text. 

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Make those synonyms work for you

As I said earlier, Google has come a long way since the initial days of SEO. It’s now able to learn texts and take similar ideas and synonyms into account. It can identify related things. All this to be capable to assist its users with the best result. And part of being the best result is making sure your texts are easy to read. Google wants to serve clear texts.

So make sure you deliver! Think of synonyms for your keyword or keyphrase and apply them to your benefit. Take time to come up with a few options for your keyword. But also think of topics that are completely related to your keyword. Enter these words in our SEO analysis and make sure to use them in your text. You’ll see that it becomes much easier to write a naturally flowing text when you don’t have to use your focus keyword in every other sentence. And the use of synonyms and relevant key phrases helps Google recognize the context of your text which boosts your possibilities to rank!


Focus keywords remain vital. These are the words your audience is seeking. People searching for ‘candy’ will apparently not click on a result with ‘delicacy’ in the text. If you seek ‘Shoes’ you’ll expect to see that exact word in the search results. So, exactly matching the keywords of your audience remains crucial.

That being said, you can use synonyms and relevant ideas to write a fascinating text. Repeating the same keyword, again and again, hurts the readability of your text, especially if you’re optimizing for a long-tail keyword. Furthermore, applying synonyms and related keywords may create ranking possibilities you’d otherwise have missed. If you need help with that, Yoast SEO offers various features to make sure your content is both entertaining and rankable.

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