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How to improve English speaking skills?

Writing and speaking English

One year ago I decided to improve my English, both my speaking and writing skills. I was really bad at grammar.

For 6 months, I never talked with any person or didn’t answer or asked a question on any forum. One reason I never did those things was that “I was afraid. ” I always thought that people would criticize my writing and grammar. I just read a lot of good answers.

Then one day finally I decided to get rid of my negative thoughts. I have to be confident right now. And I should participate in discussion forums to improve my skills. I started writing short posts in English and shared on social media and other forums like Quora, Reddit, and Twitter, etc. I don’t care if somebody criticizes my writing because I want to improve my English.

In 2020, for the first time, I answered a question on a forum. I never imagined that I would positive response from the readers on my first answer. I know very well that the key to learning English is “Be Confident.”

Which is more important, confidence or grammar?

Both of them are important. It doesn’t matter which level of English you can write or speak, you have to be confident. Believe in yourself – you can do it. Don’t think too much about the rules of grammar. Just step up and write whatever you want.

If you are at an intermediate level, you have to focus on the rules of grammar. It’s really important to construct good sentences.

Improve English vocabulary

A vocabulary is an essential tool for writing or speaking. Read daily English newspaper as it will increase your vocabulary. Write down the new words in your notebook and try to use these words immediately after you read it. Watch movies or tv shows with English subtitles. Whenever you free no matter you are in your office or at your home or in the garden, read any English magazine, novel, or newspaper. Learn the new words on a daily basis and try to use them in your daily life.

how to improve English speaking skills quickly at home

Find a partner on social media who is also interested to learn English. Speak 15 to 30 minutes daily with a stranger as it will boost your confidence level. Listening and repeating the sentences in front of a mirror is good practice if no partner available for conversation. Reading aloud and Recording your own voice is a great way to find the pronunciation mistakes. Narrating your actions loudly like “I am going outside for a walk” or ” I am drinking water” can be very helpful to practice spoken English and you will gain fluency in your daily spoken sentences.

Improve English grammar

A grammar manual book can be your best friend if you want to improve your grammar. whenever you stuck in any grammar-related issue, you can solve the issue with the help of this grammar manual. Reading is another good way to improve your grammar. Reading English material on a daily basis will train your brain about the correct formation of sentences as well as increase your vocabulary.

Learn the basic principles of sentence formation and try to use these rules on a daily basis. Search on the internet for the websites which are offering grammar-related exercises and games. spend some time on these websites during the day for an improvement in your grammar.

After writing an email or any other material, read out loud. You are more likely to notice your errors if you read the content aloud, rather than in your head to yourself.  Practice writing your thoughts or any other stuff in English on a daily basis. The more you practice writing with proper grammar, the more naturally it will come to you.

Improve English through mobile apps.

Take advantage of mobile apps specially designed for English learning and conversation purpose. You can find a lot of peoples who are seeking a conversation partner for practicing. Find a person and conversate 10 to 15 minutes on a daily basis. In starting, you will forget the right word during the conversation but the important thing is you should keep going and never feel under pressure while talking to a stranger. don’t let the conversation stop! If you don’t know the word, try to say it in another way. Define it, give an example, or give a synonym.

See Also: 12 Tenses in English Grammar with examples

Listen to audio or video clips on VOA Learning English or BBC learning English which is specially designed for English learners. They upload NEWS and other interesting stories from around the globe which will help you to speak with the correct accent.

Try to think in English, every time you go outside, focus on the situation around and try to describe all the situation in English. Do not hesitate to speak English in front of friends or family members as it will improve your confidence. Before sleep, try to recall all the activities from morning to evening in English. This will improve your memory and you will find a lot of daily used sentences.

Take an online course to improve your English

There are many famous websites that are offering paid and free courses for learning English. But I advise you to start with these famous websites, they are offering free courses to improve English learning.

1- British Council, the world’s English teaching experts.

2-BBC Learning English.

3- Cambridge English Online.


English speaking course

Perfectly Spoken: Free Online English Courses

Learn English with Online English Courses | edX

Free Online English Language Courses With Certificate | Alison

Learn English online | British Council

Final words.

A million-dollar quote “slow and steady wins the race“. There is no shortcut to learn any language overnight. If you work slowly but constantly, you will succeed.

Listen to the podcast daily for improving English

Listening is a great way to learn correct pronunciation and increase vocabulary. Listening to a lecture in audio is much easier than reading on the Internet or in a book. Listening podcast in your target language helps to learn the language quickly. The podcast is an audio content that is broadcast in audio. You can learn podcast of these popular websites on a daily basis to improve listening and speaking skills.

Learn English Podcast from the British Council

Voice of America: Learning English

6-Minute English from the BBC

The English We Speak

Luke’s English Podcast

English speaking app

Learn to Speak English Correctly with These 7 Useful Apps

1. Fluent U

2. Duolingo

3. Anki

4. Memrise

5. The Pimsleur Method

6. Busuu

7. Babbel

books to improve English speaking skills

10 English Conversation Ebooks to Build Your Speaking Skills at Home

1-“50 Very Short Conversations”
2-“Practice Makes Perfect: English Conversation”
3-“Talk English: The Secret to Speak English Like a Native In 6 Months for Busy People”
4-“Spoken English in Dialogues: 833 Most Common English Sentences Used by Native -Speakers in Real Life Situations”
5-“Conversation Skills: How to Easily Talk to Anyone Without Feeling Awkward or Shy”
6-“Listening Is an Act of Love”
8-“Science Is Culture: Conversations at the New Intersection of Science + Society”
9-“Star Wars Interviews”
10-“The Last Interview Series”

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