The last moments of Saddam’s grandson


14-year-old may have fought on after anti-tank rockets killed the adults

This boy – Mustafa Hussein of Iraq – 14 – years – old grandson of Saddam Hussein, was the last person, with arms in hand, to oppose US special forces during the operation.

According to the American soldiers involved in the operation, when they broke into the house, Mustafa Hussein opened fire on them. The US troops, in the number of 400 soldiers, were blocked by him. In front of him the corpses of his uncle and his father, the boy shot and killed 14 American marines with a sniper rifle.

The Combat with Saddam Hussein’s grandson lasted about six hours. When the Americans killed the boy, they could not believe and were even more amazed when they discovered that he was actually a child.

At the end of the Mustafa commemoration article, the New York Times journalist, Robert Yeisk writes: “If we had someone like this guy in America, we would have built a monument in every city. I would talk about his courage everywhere and it would have been a model of resistance .

May Allah grant this brave fighter heaven with his grandfather Ameen.

[Note : This image may not be real]

The main article published on New York Times also on The Guardian

Saddam Hussein’s burial place, in his native village on the banks of the Tigris, may be the only public space in Iraq where the former ruler, hanged in December at the age of 69, is openly extolled. Under a decree dating from the American occupation in 2003, still in force under the new Iraqi government, all paintings, photographs and statues of Mr. Hussein are forbidden, as are public protests in his support. At least in terms of public hagiography, he remains, everywhere else in Iraq, a nonperson.

But in Awja, Mr. Hussein’s legend lives on, though only as a pale shadow of what it was. The old reception center where he lies — renamed “Martyrs’ Hall” by the family members who manage it — has none of the grandeur of the palaces he built during his 24-year rule. The trickle of visitors drops on some days to twos and threes, and only rarely reaches double figures, far short of making Awja a pilgrimage site on the scale of Iraq’s religious shrines.

Hundreds watched from the street as the U.S. troops fired missiles launched from Humvees into the villa, helicopter-borne US troops climbed by rope down to the rooftops of the villa, and a steady barrage of gunfire kept the neighbors in frightened prone positions, as they feared for their own lives.

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