Crispy review about a digital space: Realbooks4u


www.realbooks4u is an amazing platform of a great collection of variety of exquisite books available free, just one click away. The entire collection is free from any monetary advantages. This literary digital space organises virtual books and their respective documents. Normally book portals require subscription one way or another but here a large number books can be accessed free from

Quran Recitation

Recitation of glorious Quran is the Beauty of this incredible website. The above image has been taken from In this webpage recitation of glorious Quran including Quranic lectures are uploaded. The Quran recitation, uploaded on this site, is in an eloquent and melodious voice of ‘Sayyid Rehan Ali Qadri’, great Islamic Scholar, Qaari and researcher.

Blogs and Articles is also full of worldly and religious blogs, article, features and stories. Most of the selective and the most searched articles have been taken from monthly magazines to quench the thirst of knowledge seekers especially the students who require content for their essay writing and probably they after all reach their desired website and avail the content prepared mostly by Islamic scholars in Urdu language and then translated by the professional translators in different languages.

Treasure of books

As mentioned above this colourful website is dedicated to bringing new books for its readers on daily basis. Whether it is fiction, non-fiction, religious, science and technology, curriculum or monthly magazines, ‘realbooks4u team’ is firmly committed to serve in all the fields. Aim and objective is to serve the professional community, affiliated with all the major institutions and research organizations in the country and abroad.

Man behind the scene

Mr. Muhammad Farhan, the owner of this web portal, belongs to Pakistan. He is running this digital library with great dedication and enthusiasm. The strong eagerness for spreading books around the world shows his firm attachment with literary work and Islamic articles. The great progress, demand and interest of the number of visitors within very short span of time is an evident sign that hopefully this digital library will gain quick popularity in coming days.

2 thoughts on “Crispy review about a digital space: Realbooks4u”

  1. Sheikh Haris Raza Al Madani

    Happy to see that there is one more Sunni website which propagate the Deen in a very good manner… We have to do so many works for our generation so that they may have correct beliefs not a corrupt beliefs…

    May Allah make progress this website and other Sunni websites too…


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