Private Schooling and the Fever of English Language

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The lavishly dark red-brick monuments sprawling across a big area of lavish greens, in the center of the city, are private schools that dwarf the most opulent of homes. Armed sentinels at the gates salute the school owners, like soldiers saluting Generals. There inside be it office, school corridor or classes, English languages dominates each and every corner of beautiful building.

Education Policy

Let us briefly look at the education policy of the country since its inception. A research paper titled “Language Policy and Medium of Instruction in Pakistan” illustrates valuable information on the topic. The paper traces the journey to the very first meetings of the Advisory board of Education in 1948, when it was decided that the mother tongue (either Punjabi, Siraiki, Sindhi, Urdu or Pashto) would be the medium of instruction. “But due to colonial influences and emotive value of Urdu especially in the Hindi-Urdu controversy, Urdu remained the official medium of instruction in most of the institutions of Pakistan. Later the elitist ideology and status attached to English by the ruling class kept English at the dominating level, and Urdu started to recede and began to be associated with the concepts of religious fundamentalism and conventionalism.

English dominating all school subjects

Our schooling has divided into fractions due to the fever of English Language. The students who are below average in English are considered to be below average in all subjects; those who are good at English are considered good at all subjects; similarly those who are excellent in English are considered excellent in all subjects.

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