Hinduwata: Republic of Terrorism


What is Hinduwta?

The face of so-called secularism has now debunked badly. The time is near or comes when India has not any claim to prove his Hinduwata ideology more. It will officially be known as the republic of terrorism. Just like secular India’s birth in 1947, there looms its tragic demise. Verily, it came under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s feet and sadly secular India breathing its last after Modi administered it a coup de grâce, a new Hindu India was born. In Hindu India where minorities are being disenfranchised of their basic citizenship rights.

Hindutwa mindset cronies labeled the BJP government in India as genocidal and fascist one, which is detrimental to the secular credentials of the Indian constitution. About the security issues in the country, Haq said that today the world is a globalized one and no country can live in isolation, adding that the same applies to Pakistan, which is sensitized with the world issues as well as with the security issues concerning itself in the region.

The act of the Indian government to abolish clause 370 in the constitution then passing this controversial citizenship bill are not a surprise one and were on the cards for long. The Modi government acted upon it in pursuance of its long-seeking ambition to merge the disputed region in the Indian union. The current regime in India is following the path of RSS and Hindutwa ideology.

While the leadership of the right-wing BJP wavers on the issue, the RSS has always been a strong proponent of the idea. RSS leader’s book The Tragic Story of Partition and concept of Akhand Bharat.


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