15 British Pakistanis became the members of the British Parliament


A total of 15 British Pakistanis are among 65 non-white parliamentarians elected to the 650-strong British Parliament after the general election which saw Prime Minister Boris Johnson return to power with a big majority and a bruising defeat for the Labour Party.

Though the Labour party performed poorly overall, with only 203 seats as compared to the Tory tally of 365, 10 of the seats were won by British-Pakistanis for Labour and just five for the Conservative party.

The victory of 15 Pakistanis origin MPs is increase of four parliamentarians in the list of 12 MPs who were member of the last parliament and it’s also a reflection of the role 1.5 million strong Pakistani/Kashmir community plays in Britain. The number of Indian origin MPs has also gone up from 12 to 15 in the new parliament.

There are an estimated 163,000 people of Pakistani ancestry in London, 163,000 in the Yorkshire area and 133,000 in the North West of England.

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