Filmora: Unsupported Subtitling Option


Since I am not a man deeply involved into software or IT industry yet I have little know-how about the things going on around. As it is said, ‘Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches’, not long ago, I needed to subtitle a video. I met many friends, consulted acquaintances about it and search a lot any good software that make my task easily completed.After all I came across ‘Filmora’ subtitling software.

It is one of the cheapest and easiest subtitling software, provides myriad of features. It offers multiple professional features like clarity, noise reduction, animations and top-notch features like rewinding the videos all in on software. On top of this, the excellent part is that the software is so lightweight that it can be installed on almost on Windows 7, 8 as it does not require any special configurations of powerful systems.

All such beautiful features enabled me to produce a lovely subtitling video. Thankfully, Filmora fulfilled my need. I had a mindset here I have got a subtitling software that will always meet my all needs. As I mentioned I am not a man of this field. So, after a long break, I was again bound to produce video that work for you tube subtitle in order to fetch the real resolution video. Continue….

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