‘Shining India’: An other unfortunate victim of rape-murder case


Killing wreaked havoc in India

Baton-wielding police pushed back crowds from the building in the southern city of Hyderabad where they said the 27-year-old veterinary doctor was gang-raped, killed and then her body burned.

While the suspects were quickly detained, the killing sparked new outrage in a country that has been in the international spotlight over its handling of sex assaults since the brutal gang-rape and murder of a student on a Delhi bus in 2012.

The woman went missing on Wednesday night and her body was found by a passer-by in an underpass on the outskirts of Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana state, Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar said. Police said the suspects allegedly offered to fix a flat tyre on her motorbike and then took her in a truck to a secluded spot where the crime was committed.

Government failed

India’s National Commission for Women, which advises the government on policy regarding women’s rights, condemned the incident, saying it “won’t leave any stone unturned till these perpetrators get the punishment they deserve”.But feminists and activists in India say the government has failed in checking the crimes against women. “The fact that our governments are not doing enough to make streets well lit and safer for women to be out in big numbers, that is the problem. That our police encourages victim-blaming, that is the problem,” Kavita Krishnan of the All India Progressive Women’s Association.

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