Craze of Black Friday


Black Friday is round the corner and sale is going to be at peak when a number of people will flock to shop gadgets, home appliance and daily used materials at substantial discounts. Previously too, we have also witnessed Black Friday carnage happening in Pakistan too the crowd gathered and shoppers got into in quarrels, beating themselves up badly.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday has two different definitions. In history, Black Friday was a stock market catastrophe occurred on September 24, 1869. On that day, after a period of powerful speculation, the price of gold went down, and the markets crashed.

But the more relevant definition refers to the day after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, which, traditionally, has also been a holiday itself for many employees. It is typically a very especial day full of shopping spree with a lot of deals and heavy discount.

When is Black Friday 2019?

Black Friday has always been the day after Thanksgiving occassion. In 2019, Black Friday is going to fall 29th November 2019, Friday. However, discount sales and deals start on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday.

Christmas and Black Friday

if any item costs $100 it is sold for approx $50 or $60 on Black Friday. The basic reason behind is that every single rich and poor could easily celebrate Christmas with least financial crises. The businessmen reduce their profit very low but, since items are sold in bulk so their all losses easily get covered.

Islamic perspective about Black Friday

There are mix opinions both positive and negative from the scholars. As myriad of South Africans swamp shopping malls for buying stuff on Black Friday. Darul Ihsan Islamic Services term the concept of “Black Friday” is purely a business marketing concept and has no pronounced connection with any religious practice.

On the other hand, some other Islamic sources it is being said the Arabic word ‘Eed means in the Arabic language what recurs of public events in a traditional manner; it may recur every year, month, or week or so. Therefore, the word ‘Eed refers to a day that comes again like ‘Eed Al-Fitr or Jumu‘ah, the gathering on that day and the acts done as acts of worship or traditions on that day. It may or may not be peculiar to a certain place. Any such gathering that takes place regularly can be called ‘Eed. ” Therefore, Black Friday is considered one of the ‘Eeds of the disbelievers.
Participating in the celebration of the festivals of the non-Muslims by any given means involves committing religious violations.
Allah The Exalted says (what means): { And cooperate in righteousness and piety, but do not cooperate in sin and aggression. And fear Allaah; indeed, Allah is severe in penalty. } [Quran 5:2]
Based on this, it is impermissible for the Muslim to take part in this ‘Eed or help others celebrate it by partaking in any commercial promotion that is particularly targeting that day; rather, he should treat it like any other day of the year.

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