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Android development is the most famous or prime programming procedure is happening these days, and mostly the applications are made on Java, but the Android community has switched attention to another language, which is also able to make the applications on Android.

 I am talking about kotlin which is a new language made by Jet brains and came into the market in 2011.  If you are a programmer, then you must have heard about it.  However, the question arises that is kotlin the language of Android in the future.


Learning kotlin is not very difficult. Even I knew we could learn kotlin syntax. However, it has some variations between the Java languages. Java is a bit outdated language, which means the old version has to be compiled with the latest application development. Kotlin, on the other hand, has 20 % lesser programming than Java.

When we compare Java, programming, and kotlin, then we see that the kotlin language has much more compact than Java.

There are a lot of programing encapsulations that are broadly utilized. Nevertheless, about the best approach, there is no simple answer. Each programming embodiment has its particular arrangement of qualities and shortcomings. There are many situations where the procedural approach is more successful. Presently, the inquiry is the reason you have to pick a procedural approach. Kotlin expects to bring the best by consolidating both the procedural and practical programming.

Even though its most prominent quality is its compact sentence structure and procedural approach, engineers may at first think that it is hard to unscramble. As there is such a great amount of saying in the little measure of code, designers think that it’s less demanding to unscramble Java code.


As I have said above, the less coding means, the fewer bugs and errors in the programming. Kotlin is very beneficial in that regard, as developers do not need to be focusing on removing the bugs from the language but infect focus on the development of the app with the Expectation of great output.

 Of course, the developers will love it. Mostly the team who developed the apps considers the cost of the application by checking how much time it will take to make the application so if there will be no bugs in the development of the app then, of course; the cost will be cheaper than usual.


So if the question arises that which is the better language then I will conclude by saying that kotlin is a better language than Java in the recent error if your project is small and doesn’t want much time to spend on it.

 However, if the project, which you or your team got, is from 6 months to 12 months then of course Java will be better as there are many frameworks, which are not available in the Katlin language until now. Kotlin is not owned by Google, but still, the jet brain will develop it all the time.

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