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Privacy Policy

What we are

With catering to the educational needs of the mass, we tend to secure the privacy of our esteemed customers with a pledge in which we believe to provide services to the visitors committedly. Our Privacy Policy on our website www. is no less than a symbol of the adherence and commitment for all that information pouring into our perfectly safe caches. stayconnect team always aspires to carve out a trustworthy image by letting its visitors relish a pleasant experience. stayconnect Privacy Policy represents association and attachment with learners from all walks of life, plus the formation of data accumulated which is all about related credential profile shared to us at www.

A part of all that, it displays the number of facilitative options and suggestions for the user about the usage and update of personal data and other academic activities with regard to information so, it could be accumulated, utilized, or shared from web content that user update during working on the services of stayconnect.


Our motto is to make our regular visitor visiting us with the purpose of gain knowledge and information capable to update and share web content with the fellows around them and it is a general norm that no one wants to let any stranger access to his content being used and updated at stayconnect; we prefer to hand over user’s control of his personal information and content to his own hand so users themselves decide to sort of data or content to be shared to the folks of stayconnect. We remain highly discreet about accountability, transparency, and the use of personal data.

 Acceptance and Credence

Through utilizing educational services by accessing to stayconnect, visitors, in fact, have credence and accept mentioned terms and conditions and certainly through registration user shares information like email address, postal address or cell number. All activities and information fall under this Privacy Policy so the users can easily contact with respect to any query or concern.

Shared content & Usage of Information

User’s registration is kind of threshold which transfer or share certain personal data, for example, name, cell number and other such information and what user mentions or shares in the content are at his own will. According to the user’s usage of our services, the stayconnect is supposed to improve its services especially IP address and browser type things which are collected for all stayconnect users.


Users’ information can be collected and stored by the third partner additionally from their browser using cookies. What is a cookie? In fact, small files, numbers contents stored on one’s device that can also be tied to data about the activities of browsers at stayconnect. These cookies let us ascertain certain features of the stayconnect.  For Instance, cookies are exploited to keep track of user’s conduct support, debugging, evaluating the period of user’s session, preferences, saving from that place or state users are using the Website, verified session for system and mobile editors and in order to judge total users size and traffic. stayconnect takes advantage of cookies in order to ameliorate the services and content shared to its users.

Sharing content with Third Party

It is above mentioned that personal data of users are shared with third parties only in the very specific ways that are mentioned or described in this privacy policy. stayconnect transfers data to third parties only in according to the Privacy Framework.   Personal data is never sold to third parties, but we share, retrieve, save, and utilize the information.

 Communications from the Website

Registration is permission through which users agree quite willing to obtain promotional data or content from stayconnect, via email from time to time. stayconnect would also be entitled to ring users for notices, the user may notify stayconnect any time.

Security Measures

stayconnect warns and precautions to safeguard its users’ data and other content. We possess significant electronic, physical, and key procedural protective element which is built to give security user’s data and content uploaded by the user. Though Irrespective of the steps carried out by stayconnect, we cannot guarantee the protection and security of user data, user’s site visitors’ data or any other User Content carry out user’s post, upload, or share with stayconnect, with Third Party or others, with user’s web site visitors on user’s web site. Because instant messages and email are not identified as protective communications.

Taking part in any educational activity

We may make users avail of the opportunity to take part in any educational contests on our Website. If users go ahead, we would request personal data from users. It is a totally voluntary activity and users, therefore, make a choice whether he disclose certain information or not. This certain data is used to notify winners and prizes in order to cater notices to participants, for this purpose third party services may be availed but users’ personal information is not shared or provided with third parties.

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