Indian food is awful: Heated debate following a Tweet

Calling Indian foods awful by an American educationist sparked a heated debate on racism, traditional and cultural intolerance. Tom Nicholas a teacher in Naval war college put forward his comments when a question asked by a twitter user.

Message conveyed by a Professor of International affairs Tom Nicholas saying: We always give impression that Indian food items are very sumptuous that is never been a fact. These remarks from an American specialist sparked an endless debate on how immigrants face biasness and racism in America on just a matter of food that make one think immigrants must be facing so many other issues from living to working and spending years suffering unheard and unseen injuries.

A twitter user from India commented, “It is as if Professor Nicholas ate merely 1% of Indian food in his entire life, that’s why he is calling Indian food tasteless”. Anyways, later, Professor Nicholas admitted that he has eaten only once from an Indian restaurant in America. But Twitter is still heated exchanging opposite views from sides.

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