An other inhuman Islamophobic attack


Unfortunate and vicious attacks on the Muslims living in overseas countries have become an epidemic, sending a wave of terror amongst the peaceful Muslim community. On the other hand, western Govt seemed incapable of preventing such heinous acts. A couple of days back the gruesome attack on a pregnant woman in Australia shocked the whole world.

A viral surveillance camera capture the moment a man uttering anti-Islam slurs opened an unprovoked attack on a Muslim woman at a cafe in the Australian city of Sydney. The footage of the attack caused great outrage on social media, pointing out it to be just another and the latest instance of anti-Muslim violence in Australia.

The woman was rushed to the hospital following the attack and discharged. A Twitter user namely Avril wrote:

“Islamophobia is rampant in Australia and must be condemned by religious and political leaders.”

A current report by researchers at Charles Sturt University found Islamophobia in Australia was “a continuous phenomenon” and especially the women wearing headscarves are especially at risk.

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