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How to make money online without paying anything

Are you Indian and desirous to make money online in India with online jobs then pay attention to some of the best online opportunities waiting for you? You can begin this journey being at home without any investment.

There are various website portals welcoming dedicated individuals. Remember!  Any website that demands some or little money is nothing but definitely, a fraud and you must immediately raise your eyebrow otherwise you might end up losing your precious income.

In this article we are sharing some quick and easy ways to make easy money online.

Trusted online money making websites

This is an important sign that genuine websites never demand. Following is a list of some authentic website portals where a user can register and start earning online money. It might seem unbelievable but it is not that much easy.

It may take you months to reach the magical wind. However if one earns approx US$ 100 in his first month earning, nevertheless it is a remarkable achievement that is a sing of brilliant fortune.

Online Money making with Upwork

UPWORK connect people with project and the freelancers. Freelancers can give a bid for and complete in a stipulated time period. You can also be that skillful individual for web designing or translating tasks.


Online Money making with Fiverr

What a uniqueness people feel when they land to Fiverr, it arranges offers only those tasks which cost only US$ 5 to accomplish. So get your work done for $ 5. Let’s begin to sign up for starting earning!


Online Money making with Elance is the oldest and largest online service providing web portal sites for making money online. Starting from 1999, Elance has an estimated 2 million businesses post work regularly for freelancers.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Online Money making with kdp

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing allows anyone who wants to sell his own written book or novel on Amazon. Simply convert your book in Supported format and upload it on Amazon and then promote it online through social media or blogs, you can sell copies of your book and earn as much as a 70 percent return on each sale.


Online Money making with youtube

If you want to earn money through interesting self-made videos then Youtube is the right choice for you.

Just create an interesting video on any topic from cooking to gardening, riding, playing, dancing, exercising, teaching, singing, etc and upload the video on your youtube monetized channel. You will earn money when peoples will watch, share, and like your video.


Online Money making with swagbucks

Swagbucks is a free and highly rated digital rewards and cashback site that’s offers a number of activities for its users to earn money online.

All you need is a high-quality internet connection. you get paid to take online surveys, testing products, and services, watching videos and reviewing content,

Online money making apps.

Google Opinion Rewards ( Complete short surveys while standing in line, or waiting for a subway. Get rewarded with Google Play or PayPal credit for each one you complete. )

Swagbucks Mobile apps ( Earn rewards and free stuff by searching and shopping online, answering surveys, and more at, a customer loyalty rewards program. )

Money App (The Money app is a market research app that earns you rewards for completing tasks, which include offering opinions, playing games, checking store displays, mystery shopping, testing services, and participating in free trials.)

Poll ( iPoll is an online and mobile community where your unique perspective is your gain. Answering questions about the products and services you use and the places you visit every day is all you have to do to access our great rewards catalog! )

Foap (Foap is a moneymaking app (available for iOS and Android) that allows both professional and amateur photographers to make extra money selling photos taken on a smartphone. )

Slidejoy (Once it’s installed on your phone, you’ll start seeing various ads featuring news or advertisers on your lock screen. )

Bookscouter ( The Bookscouter app allows you to earn money by selling your new and old books. )

See Also Making money on Amazon

Online money making games

WEALTH WORDS ( This money-making game as it pays you real rewards if you are smart enough. )

PlayAndWin (A colorful parade of small brain-twisting games, with ongoing high-scoring contests with prizes in the form of diamonds and gold eggs. )

WorldWinner ( Compete in your favorite games to win REAL MONEY! ) ( Earn cash and prizes playing your favorite games )

Corporation Master ( Corporation Master – Economic, Social, Business, and War Strategy Game. Virtual Currency may be converted into Real Money. )

How to make more money at home


A blog (shortening of “weblog”) is an online article or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with the latest posts showing on top. It is a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their views on an individual or multiple subject.

These are the 7 steps to follow to make money from blogging.

  1. Setup your own self-hosted blog.
  2. Start publishing great content.
  3. Build organic traffic to your website.
  4. Build a community around your brand.
  5. Start making money by selling ads.
  6. Make money by selling your own products or services.
  7. Makey money through affiliate marketing.

Online Surveys

An online survey or internet survey is one of the most popular data-collection methods, where a set of survey questions is sent out to the group of peoples and the members of these people can respond to the questions over the world wide web. Respondents receive online surveys via various methods such as email, website, social media, etc.

Organizations apply online surveys to use the internet in order to gain insights and feedback about upcoming products or services, change in marketing strategies, improvement in current features, etc. With the advancement of the internet, more and more organizations depend on the data received and analyzed from online surveys to make essential changes in their functioning.

The Best Sites to Take Paid Surveys Online

  • Swagbucks.
  • Survey Junkie.
  • InboxDollars.
  • LifePoints.
  • Vindale Research.
  • Pinecone Research.
  • PrizeRebel.
  • MyPoints.

Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant is a self-employed worker who is an expert in offering administrative services to clients from a remote location, usually a home office. Typical tasks a virtual assistant might perform include scheduling appointments, making phone calls, making travel arrangements, and managing email accounts.

The best way to find freelance virtual assistant jobs is to check out online job resources.

  • Upwork.
  • Guru.
  • Freelancer.
  • FlexJobs.
  • PeoplePerHour.
  • Craigslist.
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk.
  • Fiverr.


To freelance as a translatorstart by signing up with websites like Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, where companies post translation projects. you don’t get to decide what you want to charge for each project, the employer will set the fee per project.

You Can find the projects on these famous freelancing websites.

  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • Freelancer
  • Flexjobs
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Fiverr

Freelance Writing work

The freelance writers are the skilled peoples who are writing for money while working on one’s own and not being employed by a company or organization. Freelance writers produce written text that is needed by their clients.

The 12 Best Freelance Websites For Writers

  • Upwork.
  • iWriter.
  • FlexJobs.
  • BloggingPro.
  • Guru.
  • People-Per-Hour.
  • Craigslist.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers are in charge of representing a company across social channels. They reply to comments, compile campaigns, and create content. These experts provide organizations with the guidance needed to hike their online presence.

Best Sites offering Social Media Manager Jobs

  • Acadium
  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • Hubstaff talent
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • People Per Hour
  • Cloud Peeps
  • Simply Hired


transcriber is a professional typist that listens to the recorded speech and types what they hear.

Whether you’re thinking of a career or just looking for some extra money, there are a lot of online companies offering transcription jobs.

  • TranscribeMe.
  • GMR Transcription.
  • GoTranscript.
  • Daily Transcription.
  • Rev.
  • Casting Words.
  • CrowdSurf.
  • Upwork.

Data Entry

Data entry is actually a wide term that surrounds a number of occupations. People who perform data entry include electronic data processors, typists, word processors, transcribers, coders, and clerks.

While any of these jobs may be done from home, data entry jobs from home can be quite different from those done in an office.

Regardless of where they’re based, data entry jobs don’t have a high barrier to entry, and the training process is usually not very rigid. If you have typing skills and a high school diploma, and you can read and write English you’ll eligible for most data entry jobs.

  • 10 Best freelance websites on the Internet to find Data Entry Work. …
  • …
  • …
  • …
  • …
  • Craigslist- Search Data entry jobs from local places. …
  • Guru- Freelance Site for Data Entry Work.


Proofreaders do exactly what their job title suggests: they proofread the text for spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, usage, consistency, and brand voice. Proofreaders review and highlight the corrections in written work.

Best Online Proofreading Jobs for Beginners

  1. FlexJobs.
  4. Scribendi.
  5. ProofreadingPal.
  6. Wordvice.
  7. Proofread Now.
  8. Editor World.


freelance consultant is a professional who is self-employed and provides consultancy services autonomously. Those who work freelance in this field enjoy the benefit of being their own boss, choosing their own clients, and demand their own desired payment.

Websites offering freelance consultant works

  • Fiverr
  • HireMyMom
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Sologig
  • Upwork

Graphic Designer

As a freelance visual or graphic designer, you would work with your clients to create creative illustrations and images for them.

By using computer applications and graphic software, They develop layouts and sketches that bring their ideas to life.

You can find clients on these websites easily

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • PeoplePerHour

Testing Websites and Apps

You can be one of those people that get paid to test the websites or mobile apps. How cool is that? You simply browse the web, click around on a site, note error, and suggest some improvements, and you’re done.

To do this job you simply need to be somewhat Internet connection and speak fluent English.

Get Paid to Test Websites and Apps With These Sites

  • User Testing.
  • UTest.
  • WhatUsersDo.
  • User Test.
  • Enroll.
  • UserFeel.
  • StartUpLift.
  • TryMyUI.

Open an eCommerce Store

You can open your own eCommerce store to sell online. There are a lot of online eCommerce websites that will help you to open your store easily. Simply select your store name, select products for sale online, and get started.

The Best Online Store Builders in Detail

  • Shopify.
  • BigCommerce.
  • WooCommerce.
  • Volusion.
  • Weebly eCommerce.
  • Wix eCommerce.
  • Jimdo eCommerce.

Sell stock content

Websites, advertisers, self-publishers, and app creators all require secondary content, from pictures to melody, video, and sound effects. If you use your spare time snapping, painting, or singing anyway, this could be the way for you.

Get photos, film short clips, and make your musical head-on. Upload your product to various stock library sites for users to browse, choose, and pay for.

You don’t need to be a pro to successfully sell stock content: niche ideas are in simply as much demand as perfect execution. Consider photos, logos, jingles, stickers, icons, buttons, banners, and beeps. The sky’s goal!

Online libraries for stock content

Final words about online jobs

With the present level of technological development, Joining an office is no longer a must. The internet has remarkably opened up the global job market, making it possible for you to work from your comfort and get paid.

With the above list of the best online jobs, you will no longer have to fret about how to find online jobs. This list offers you the best online options that can help you make money from home.

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