Civilian bloodbath continues in Gaza

Israel has been carrying out strikes unabated (مسلسل حملے) in Gaza. A number of (بڑی تعداد میں) Palestinians were killed in air strikes (فضائی حملے) in northern Gaza. Israel’s latest attack on civilians in Gaza is a war crime, made possible only through the continued financial, military and diplomatic support its government receives from western states.  We call on the UK government to stop aiding (مدد فراہم کرنا) and assisting Israel until it complies (حکم ماننا) with international law.

The Israeli siege of Gaza is one of the most brutal manifestations of the Israeli Occupation. The latest attack is part of an ongoing policy of collective punishment and killing practised by Israel against the people of Gaza. Since 2000, the Gaza Strip has been subject to a series of Israeli closure policies designed to isolate and restrict the movement of people and goods. Israel imposed further economic restrictions on Gaza after Palestinians elected Hamas into government in 2006. When Hamas took control in 2007, the Gaza Strip was placed under military siege by Israel – blockaded by land, sea and air.

Gaza is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. The siege has created a humanitarian catastrophe. Four out of five Gazans are dependent on food aid to survive. The siege has left 34% of Gaza’s workforce unemployed, including over half its youth, and 44% of Gazans food insecure with 85% of schools running double shifts. A severe fuel and electricity shortage results in outages of up to 12 hours a day, and some 90 million litres of untreated and partially treated sewage are dumped in the sea each day.

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