HK Protests amid clashes and violence

The alert Police contingents (دستے) after all launched (ٓآغازکیا) an operation (کاروائی) to flush out (منتشر کرنے کے لیے) protesters who barricaded (مورچہ بنا لینا)
themselves inside a university in Hong Kong.

The demonstrators, about 200, gathered (جمع ) an arsenal of petrol bombs and bows and arrows (تیر) to resist (مزاحمت کرنے کے لیے). Hong Kong police warned they may use live rounds if they are attacked with deadly weapons.

A police vehicle was also set ablaze (آگ لگا دی) by Molotov cocktails when it tried to remove (ہٹانے کی کوشش) a flyover of pro-democracy protesters near the university campus. As flames (آگ کے شعلے) engulfed the front of the vehicle.

The earlier protester was shot by police live round as the incident streamed live on Facebook, as demonstrators (مظاہرین) disrupted the Monday morning commute resulting in chaotic scenes ( درد ناک مناظر) across the city.

The video shows that a police officer grappling with (سے الجھتے ہوئے) a protester dressed in white at a zebra crossing. As other protesters came closer, the officer pulls out his pistol and shot him.

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